Pi Beta Phi
At Quinnipiac University

"I was first very hesitant about joining Pi Phi.  I didn't think this chapter had any qualities I wanted in a sorority.  Needless to say, I was wrong.  My parents made me come home every weekend in college, so I missed a lot of New Member meetings that we would have to get to know each other.  Every Wednesday, I would make up the meetings with the New Member Coordinator, Rachel, over dinner in the cafeteria.  5 weeks later, she became my Big.  Rachel was my first family in college; I told her everything going on in my life.  There was just one issue: Rachel graduated at the end of my freshman year.  That's when the saga of my second family began.  I became closer with Jen, Kaitlyn, and Janelle.  At sorority events, we would all hang out together, and at the end of our sophomore year, Kaitlyn, Janelle and I became close.  Kaitlyn took two littles that year, and she let me be a part of that family with her.  I affectionately became known as "Grandma" to Kaitlyn and her littles.  Finding these gems in my chapter gave me a real sense of home.  Janelle and I decided to live together my junior year - that girl is a phenomenal human being.  She made me want to be the best person I could possibly be.  Still going forth, I felt that there was no one in the chapter quite like me - I was still wrong.  I met Mary, an only child with an affinity for spicy food, Bollywood movies, and cricket, just like me.  I couldn't think of a reason to join Pi Phi when I was a freshman.  Now, it would take all the reasons in the world to make me leave this organization."

-Mehar, Class of 2019

Mehar & Kaitlyn before the Spring 2018 Masquerade

"The idea of formal recruitment scared me.  I was so nervous my freshman year because I thought I was not going to be accepted for who I am.  My roommates at the time, Ally and Brantley, understood that, and they reassured me that everything was going to be fine and that the moment I found a sorority that accepted me for who I am is when I would know I had found my home, and that's exactly what happened.  The moment I entered to meet Pi Phi, I soon realized that I fit right in.  I wasn't judged for the fact that I lived abroad for most of my life or that I am a tomboy who knows how to ride motorcycles. They in fact appreciated each and every detail about me and loved the fact that I was unique and being myself.  By the end of Round 3, I realized that the only sorority that I felt I belonged in was Pi Phi.  My roommates who are now my sisters were right and this is exactly why they are my sisters: they accept me for who I am.  Acceptance was my biggest fear and Pi Phi helped me overcome that."

-Mary, Class of 2021

Ally, Mary, & Brantley at their Big/Little Reveal in Fall 2017

"At the start of my freshman year, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with Greek life.  I believed all the stereotypes and didn't want to get hazed or pay for my friends.  After not making it onto a dance team that I was planning on making friends through, I wasn't sure of my place at Quinnipiac.  My suitemate, Carly, had gone through formal recruitment and convinced me to come to an informal event to make ice cream sundaes.  Before I knew it, I was pledging to be a New Member of Pi Beta Phi. I got my big, got initiated, and went to semi-formal, but I still didn't know where exactly I fit into Pi Phi or where Pi Phi fit into my life.  Over winter break, my whole world fell apart.  My dad lost his job, my big disaffiliated to take care of some health issues, my parents constantly fought about money, my younger sister got dumped and was struggling with her mental health, and my roommate and I got into a massive fight.  For a while, I wasn't even sure if I would be coming back to Quinnipiac.  Pi Phi was the one thing in my life that had stayed the same over break, so I decided to put everything I had into it when I came back.  I moved in with my sister, Reilly, with whom I shared mutual friends but did not know very well.  I went to every sisterhood, recruitment, and philanthropy event I could and made so many new friends.  I got super involved in Greek Week and began to love and appreciate our Greek community.  Along the way, I met an amazing junior, Hayley, who had been abroad in the fall, and she welcomed me with open arms into the largest phamily in the chapter.  I had never felt more loved and I was absolutely sure that Pi Phi was the place for me.  Now, Reilly and I are best friends and we live with two other Pi Phis.  I got a little, Meredith, and I have been showing her everything Pi Phi has to offer.  I even had the confidence to go out for our Executive Board.  I love Pi Phi with all of my heart and I am so thankful for all the relationships and opportunities it has given me."

-Rachel, Class of 2019

Hayley, Rachel, & Meredith at Fall 2017 Big/Little Reveal

Alumnae Sisterhood Stories

"Pi Beta Phi has given me many opportunities. Since graduating I was on the AAC for MIT in Boston. That gave me the opportunity to give back as well as to continue on with the sisterhood. It was moments like that where I knew Pi Phi was an organization I could be in for the rest of my life."

-Stephanie, Class of 2015

"I think it’s so incredible when I think back to recruitment to how Erica was the first Pi Phi I connected with, and now we’re big & little traveling the country as alumnae!"

-Jeanette, Class of 2017

Erica & Jeanette on a road trip during May 2018